Commit bf6133ea authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews Committed by Evan Hunt
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adjust timeout to allow for ECN negotiation failures

(cherry picked from commit dadb924b)
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......@@ -1662,6 +1662,15 @@ fctx_query(fetchctx_t *fctx, dns_adbaddrinfo_t *addrinfo,
srtt = addrinfo->srtt;
* Allow an additional second for the kernel to resend the SYN (or
* SYN without ECN in the case of stupid firewalls blocking ECN
* negotiation) over the current RTT estimate.
if ((options & DNS_FETCHOPT_TCP) != 0) {
srtt += 1000000;
* A forwarder needs to make multiple queries. Give it at least
* a second to do these in.
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