Commit bfee4624 authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý
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General cleanup of dns_rpz implementation

Do a general cleanup of lib/dns/rpz.c style:

 * Removed deprecated and unused functions
 * Unified dns_rpz_zone_t naming to rpz
 * Unified dns_rpz_zones_t naming to rpzs
 * Add and use rpz_attach() and rpz_attach_rpzs() functions
 * Shuffled variables to be more local (cppcheck cleanup)

(cherry picked from commit 840179a2)
parent cc198818
......@@ -405,14 +405,6 @@ dns_rpz_attach_rpzs(dns_rpz_zones_t *source, dns_rpz_zones_t **target);
dns_rpz_detach_rpzs(dns_rpz_zones_t **rpzsp);
dns_rpz_beginload(dns_rpz_zones_t **load_rpzsp, dns_rpz_zones_t *rpzs,
dns_rpz_num_t rpz_num) ISC_DEPRECATED;
dns_rpz_ready(dns_rpz_zones_t *rpzs, dns_rpz_zones_t **load_rpzsp,
dns_rpz_num_t rpz_num) ISC_DEPRECATED;
dns_rpz_add(dns_rpz_zones_t *rpzs, dns_rpz_num_t rpz_num,
const dns_name_t *name);
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