Commit c05abe6e authored by Brian Wellington's avatar Brian Wellington
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Added rules to link named to lwresd on 'make all' and 'make install'

parent afd7f382
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ LIBS = ${LWRESLIBS} ${OMAPILIBS} ${DNSLIBS} ${ISCLIBS} @LIBS@
SUBDIRS = unix
TARGETS = named
TARGETS = named lwresd
OBJS = client.@O@ interfacemgr.@O@ listenlist.@O@ \
log.@O@ logconf.@O@ main.@O@ notify.@O@ omapi.@O@ \
......@@ -70,6 +70,9 @@ main.@O@: main.c
named: ${OBJS} ${UOBJS} ${DEPLIBS}
${LIBTOOL} ${CC} ${CFLAGS} -o $@ ${OBJS} ${UOBJS} ${LIBS}
lwresd: named
@LN@ named lwresd
clean distclean::
rm -f ${TARGETS}
......@@ -78,5 +81,6 @@ installdirs:
mkdir ${DESTDIR}${sbindir}; \
install:: named installdirs
install:: named lwresd installdirs
${LIBTOOL} ${INSTALL_PROGRAM} named ${DESTDIR}${sbindir}
(cd ${DESTDIR}${sbindir}; @LN@ named lwresd)
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