Commit c0d8bb42 authored by James Brister's avatar James Brister
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Use strings instead of dns_c_category_t.

parent 7716a94f
......@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_addsyslogchannel(dns_c_ctx_t *cfg,
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_addnullchannel(dns_c_ctx_t *cfg, const char *name,
dns_c_logchan_t **chan);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_addcategory(dns_c_ctx_t *cfg,
dns_c_category_t category,
const char *catname,
dns_c_logcat_t **newcat);
isc_result_t dns_c_ctx_currchannel(dns_c_ctx_t *cfg,
dns_c_logchan_t **channel);
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