Commit c47fad24 authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý Committed by Ondřej Surý

Replace the OASIS PKCS#11 header file with one from p11-kit

The OASIS pkcs11.h header has a restrictive license.  Replace the
pkcs11.h pkcs11f.h and pkcs11t.h headers with pkcs11.h from p11-kit.

For source distribution, the license for the OASIS headers itself
doesn't pose any licensing problem when combined with MPL license, but
it possibly creates problem for downstream distributors of BIND 9.
parent 3699545d
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ VERSION=@BIND9_VERSION@
# machine generated. The latter are handled specially in the
# install target below.
HEADERS = pkcs11f.h pkcs11.h pkcs11t.h eddsa.h
HEADERS = pkcs11.h eddsa.h
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -279,12 +279,6 @@
<ClInclude Include="..\include\pkcs11\pkcs11.h">
<Filter>Pkcs11 Header Files</Filter>
<ClInclude Include="..\include\pkcs11\pkcs11f.h">
<Filter>Pkcs11 Header Files</Filter>
<ClInclude Include="..\include\pkcs11\pkcs11t.h">
<Filter>Pkcs11 Header Files</Filter>
<ClInclude Include="include\isc\bind_registry.h">
<Filter>Win32 Header Files</Filter>
......@@ -368,8 +368,6 @@ copy InstallFiles ..\Build\Release\
<ClInclude Include="..\include\pk11\pk11.h" />
<ClInclude Include="..\include\pk11\result.h" />
<ClInclude Include="..\include\pkcs11\pkcs11.h" />
<ClInclude Include="..\include\pkcs11\pkcs11f.h" />
<ClInclude Include="..\include\pkcs11\pkcs11t.h" />
<ClInclude Include="errno2result.h" />
<ClInclude Include="include\isc\bindevt.h" />
......@@ -2224,9 +2224,7 @@
./lib/isc/include/pk11/result.h C 2014,2016,2018,2019
./lib/isc/include/pk11/site.h C 2016,2017,2018,2019
./lib/isc/include/pkcs11/eddsa.h C 2017,2018,2019
./lib/isc/include/pkcs11/pkcs11.h X 2014,2016,2018,2019
./lib/isc/include/pkcs11/pkcs11f.h X 2014,2016,2018,2019
./lib/isc/include/pkcs11/pkcs11t.h X 2014,2016,2018,2019
./lib/isc/include/pkcs11/pkcs11.h X 2019
./lib/isc/iterated_hash.c C 2006,2008,2009,2016,2018,2019
./lib/isc/lex.c C 1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2007,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019
./lib/isc/lfsr.c C 1999,2000,2001,2002,2004,2005,2007,2016,2018,2019
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