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[master] add request-nsid doc

3549.	[doc]		Documentation for "request-nsid" was missing.
			[RT #33153]
parent 4adf97c3
3549. [doc] Documentation for "request-nsid" was missing.
[RT #33153]
3548. [bug] The NSID request code in resolver.c was broken
resulting in invalid EDNS options being sent.
[RT #33153]
......@@ -5316,6 +5316,7 @@ badresp:1,adberr:0,findfail:0,valfail:0]
<optional> multiple-cnames <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable>; </optional>
<optional> notify <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable> | <replaceable>explicit</replaceable> | <replaceable>master-only</replaceable>; </optional>
<optional> recursion <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable>; </optional>
<optional> request-nsid <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable>; </optional>
<optional> rfc2308-type1 <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable>; </optional>
<optional> use-id-pool <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable>; </optional>
<optional> maintain-ixfr-base <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable>; </optional>
......@@ -6739,6 +6740,22 @@ options {
If <userinput>yes</userinput>, then an empty EDNS(0)
NSID (Name Server Identifier) option is sent with all
queries to authoritative name servers during iterative
resolution. If the authoritative server returns an NSID
option in its response, then its contents are logged in
the <command>resolver</command> category at level
The default is <userinput>no</userinput>.
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