Commit c854d9c7 authored by Witold Krecicki's avatar Witold Krecicki

Fix merge error in bin/tools/

parent e31a24d0
......@@ -99,6 +99,7 @@ mdig@EXEEXT@: mdig.@O@ ${ISCDEPLIBS} ${DNSDEPLIBS} ${BIND9DEPLIBS}
dnstap-read@EXEEXT@: dnstap-read.@O@ ${ISCDEPLIBS} ${DNSDEPLIBS}
export BASEOBJS="dnstap-read.@O@"; \
export LIBS0="${DNSLIBS}"; \
named-nzd2nzf@EXEEXT@: named-nzd2nzf.@O@ ${NZDDEPLIBS}
export BASEOBJS="named-nzd2nzf.@O@"; \
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