Commit ca24707d authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman Committed by Mark Andrews

Update ARM documentation

(cherry picked from commit b5265a8c)
parent db12b1a9
......@@ -6171,6 +6171,35 @@ options {
When set to the default value of <userinput>yes</userinput>,
COOKIE EDNS options will be sent when applicable in
replies to client queries. If set to
<userinput>no</userinput>, COOKIE EDNS options will not
be sent in replies. This can only be set at the global
options level, not per-view.
<command>answer-cookie</command> is only available
as a temporary measure, for use when
<command>named</command> shares an IP address
with other servers that do not yet support DNS
COOKIE. A mismatch between servers on the same
address is not expected to cause operational
problems, but the option to disable COOKIE responses
so that all servers have the same behavior is
provided out of an abundance of caution. DNS COOKIE
is an important security mechanism and should not be
disabled unless absolutely necessary. The
<command>answer-cookie</command> option is obsolete
as of BIND 9.13.
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