Commit ccf7bbab authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews

Merge branch 'marka-omit-spurious-newlines' into 'master'

Omit spurious newlines when reporting DNSKEY changes

See merge request !2922
parents aafb804e 3b1bd3f4
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......@@ -1825,14 +1825,14 @@ publish_key(dns_diff_t *diff, dns_dnsseckey_t *key, const dns_name_t *origin,
RETERR(make_dnskey(key->key, buf, sizeof(buf), &dnskey));
dst_key_format(key->key, keystr, sizeof(keystr));
report("Fetching %s (%s) from key %s.\n",
report("Fetching %s (%s) from key %s.",
keystr, key->ksk ? (key->zsk ? "CSK" : "KSK") : "ZSK",
key->source == dns_keysource_user ? "file" : "repository");
if (key->prepublish && ttl > key->prepublish) {
isc_stdtime_t now;
report("Key %s: Delaying activation to match the DNSKEY TTL.\n",
report("Key %s: Delaying activation to match the DNSKEY TTL.",
keystr, ttl);
......@@ -1857,7 +1857,7 @@ remove_key(dns_diff_t *diff, dns_dnsseckey_t *key, const dns_name_t *origin,
char alg[80];
dns_secalg_format(dst_key_alg(key->key), alg, sizeof(alg));
report("Removing %s key %d/%s from DNSKEY RRset.\n",
report("Removing %s key %d/%s from DNSKEY RRset.",
reason, dst_key_id(key->key), alg);
RETERR(make_dnskey(key->key, buf, sizeof(buf), &dnskey));
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