Commit cd9999a9 authored by Bob Halley's avatar Bob Halley
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add comments, move color to avoid locking problem

parent fd350b6d
......@@ -31,17 +31,29 @@
typedef struct dns_rbt dns_rbt_t;
/* These should add up to 30 */
/* These should add up to 31 */
typedef struct dns_rbt_node {
struct dns_rbt_node *left;
struct dns_rbt_node *right;
struct dns_rbt_node *down;
* We'd like to find a better place for the single bit of color
* information. We can't pack it into the bitfield below, however,
* because it's not covered by the node lock, and changing a single
* bit in a bitfield is going to require a read-modify-write of a
* word. This read-modify-write would include bits covered by a
* lock we don't hold, and thus violate locking.
unsigned int color;
* These values are used in the RBT DB implementation. The appropriate
* node lock must be held before accessing them.
void *data;
unsigned int color:1;
unsigned int dirty:1;
unsigned int locknum:DNS_RBT_LOCKLENGTH;
unsigned int references:DNS_RBT_REFLENGTH;
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