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5228. [func] If trusted-keys and managed-keys were configured
simultaneously for the same name, the key could
not be be rolled automatically. This is now
a fatal configuration error. [GL #868]
5227. [placeholder]
5226. [placeholder]
......@@ -132,7 +132,16 @@
When <command>trusted-keys</command> and
<command>managed-keys</command> were both configured for the
same name, or when <command>trusted-keys</command> was used to
configure a trust anchor for the root zone and
<command>dnssec-validation</command> was set to the default
value of <literal>auto</literal>, automatic RFC 5011 key
rollovers would be disabled. This combination of settings was
never intended to work, but there was no check for it in the
parser. This has been corrected, and it is now a fatal
configuration error. [GL #868]
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