Commit cde7793c authored by James Brister's avatar James Brister
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Changes 175 through 179

parent 4932a54e
179. [func] options named.conf statement *must* now come
before any zone or view statements.
178. [func] Post-load of named.conf check verifies a slave zone
has non-empty list of masters defined.
177. [func] New per-zone boolean:
enable-zone yes | no ;
intended to let a zone be disabled without having
to comment out the entire zone statement.
176. [func] New global and per-view option:
max-cache-ttl number
175. [func] New global and per-view option:
addition-data internal | minimal | maximal;
174. [func] New public function isc_sockaddr_format(), for
formatting socket addresses in log messages.
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