Commit ce3be21d authored by James Brister's avatar James Brister
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parent 5ab3a027
30. [func] config file grammer change to support optional
class type for a view.
29. [func] support new config file view options:
auth-nxdomain recursion query-source
query-source-v6 transfer-source
transfer-source-v6 max-transfer-time-out
max-transfer-idle-out transfer-format
request-ixfr privide-ixfr cleaning-interval
fetch-glue notify rfc2308-type1 lame-ttl
max-ncache-ttl min-roots
28. [func] support lame-ttl, min-roots and serial-queries
config global options.
27. [bug] Only include <netinet6/in6.h> on BSD/OS 4.[01]*.
Including it on other platforms (eg, NetBSD) can
cause a forced #error from the C preprocessor.
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