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Update release checklist

Add two items to the release checklist to ensure that the start and the
end of the code freeze for each release cycle is announced on
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- [ ] ***(QA)*** Check whether all issues assigned to the release milestone are resolved[^1].
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Ensure that there are no outstanding merge requests in the private repository[^1] (Subscription Edition only).
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Ensure all merge requests marked for backporting have been indeed backported.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Announce (on Mattermost) that the code freeze is in effect.
### Before the Tagging Deadline
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### Before the ASN Deadline (for ASN Releases) or the Public Release Date (for Regular Releases)
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Verify GitLab CI results for the tags created and prepare a QA report for the releases to be published.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Announce (on Mattermost) that the code freeze is over.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Request signatures for the tarballs, providing their location and checksums.
- [ ] ***(Signers)*** Validate tarball checksums, sign tarballs, and upload signatures.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Verify tarball signatures and check tarball checksums again.
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