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3544.	[contrib] Script to report the status of
			managed keys as recorded in managed-keys.bind.
			Contributed by Tony Finch <>
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3544. [contrib] Script to report the status of
managed keys as recorded in managed-keys.bind.
Contributed by Tony Finch <>
3543. [bug] Update socket stucture before attaching to socket
manager after accept. [RT #33084]
use warnings;
use strict;
use POSIX qw(strftime);
my $now = strftime "%Y%m%d%H%M%S", gmtime;
sub ext8601 ($) {
my $d = shift;
$d =~ s{(....)(..)(..)(..)(..)(..)}
return $d;
sub getkey ($$) {
my $h = shift;
my $k = shift;
$k->{flags} = $1;
$k->{protocol} = $2;
$k->{algorithm} = $3;
my $data = "(";
while (<$h>) {
last if m{^[)]};
$data .= $_;
m{ alg = (\S+); key id = (\d+)};
$k->{alg} = $1;
$k->{id} = $2;
$k->{data} = $data;
return $k;
sub fmtkey ($) {
my $k = shift;
return sprintf "%16s tag %s", $k->{name}, $k->{id};
sub printstatus ($) {
my $a = shift;
if ($a->{removehd} ne "19700101000000") {
printf " untrusted and to be removed at %s\n", ext8601 $a->{removehd};
} elsif ($a->{addhd} lt $now) {
printf " trusted\n";
} else {
printf " waiting for %s\n", ext8601 $a->{addhd};
sub digkeys ($) {
my $name = shift;
my $keys;
open my $d, "-|", qw{dig +multiline DNSKEY}, $name;
while (<$d>) {
next unless m{^([a-z0-9.-]*)\s+\d+\s+IN\s+DNSKEY\s+};
next unless $name eq $1;
push @$keys, getkey $d, { name => $name };
return $keys;
my $anchor;
while (<>) {
next unless m{^([a-z0-9.-]*)\s+KEYDATA\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s+};
my $k = getkey *ARGV, {
name => $1,
refresh => $2,
addhd => $3,
removehd => $4,
$k->{name} =~ s{[.]*$}{.};
push @{$anchor->{$k->{name}}}, $k;
for my $name (keys %$anchor) {
my $keys = digkeys $name;
my $anchors = $anchor->{$name};
for my $k (@$keys) {
if ($k->{flags} & 1) {
printf "%s %s", fmtkey $k, $k->{alg};
} else {
# ZSK - skipping
if ($k->{flags} & 512) {
print " revoked;";
my $a;
for my $t (@$anchors) {
if ($t->{data} eq $k->{data} and
$t->{protocol} eq $k->{protocol} and
$t->{algorithm} eq $k->{algorithm}) {
$t->{matched} = 1;
$a = $t;
if (not defined $a) {
print " no trust anchor\n";
printstatus $a;
for my $a (@$anchors) {
next if $a->{matched};
printf "%s %s missing;", fmtkey $a, $a->{alg};
printstatus $a;
=head1 NAME
check5011 - summarize DNSSEC trust anchor status
check5011 <I<managed-keys.bind>>
The BIND managed-keys file contains DNSSEC trust anchors
that can be automatically updated according to RFC 5011. The
B<check5011> program reads this file and prints a summary of the
status of the trust anchors. It fetches the corresponding
DNSKEY records using B<dig> and compares them to the trust anchors.
Each key is printed on a line with its name, its tag, and its
algorithm, followed by a summary of its status.
=item C<trusted>
The key is currently trusted.
=item C<waiting for ...>
The key is new, and B<named> is waiting for the "add hold-down" period
to pass before the key will be trusted.
=item C<untrusted and to be removed at ...>
The key was revoked and will be removed at the stated time.
=item C<no trust anchor>
The key is present in the DNS but not in the managed-keys file.
=item C<revoked>
The key has its revoked flag set. This is printed before the key's
trust anchor status which should normally be C<untrusted...> if
B<named> has observed the revocation.
=item C<missing>
There is no DNSKEY record for this trust anchor. This is printed
before the key's trust anchor status.
By default the managed keys are stored in a file called
F<managed-keys.bind> in B<named>'s working directory. This location
can be changed with B<named>'s B<managed-keys-directory> option. If
you are using views the file may be named with the SHA256 hash of a
view name with a F<.mkeys> extension added.
=head1 AUTHOR
=item Written by Tony Finch <> <>
=item at the University of Cambridge Computing Service.
=item You may do anything with this. It has no warranty.
=item L<>
=head1 SEE ALSO
dig(1), named(8)
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