Commit dd3d17d3 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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initalisation routines need to return dns_result_t

parent d97e14cc
......@@ -67,15 +67,15 @@ Functions:
Returns allowed compression methods based on type, edns, and whether
we are about to compress a owner name.
dns_compress_init(dns_compress_t *cctx, isc_boolean_t global16,
isc_mem_t *mctx);
Initalises cctx to empty and sets whether 16 bit global
compression targets are to be added to the global RBT.
dns_compress_localinit(dns_compress_t *cctx, dns_name_t owner,
dns_compress_localinit(dns_compress_t *cctx, dns_name_t *owner,
isc_buffer_t *target);
Initalise a RBT for local compression, freeing and existing RBT.
......@@ -108,3 +108,9 @@ Functions:
dns_rbt_t *global; /* Global RBT */
isc_mem_t *mctx; /* Required by RBT */
Requires RBT deepest match.
Requires the ability to walk the RBT and remove any node which
meets the removal condition.
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