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Shut up a signed/unsigned compiler warning from MSVC++ by converting

newlength and oldlength from signed to unsigned in join_nodes().

Use dns_name_clone for minor efficiency gain in dns_rbt_addnode.

Use fixed names in dns_rbt_findnode() for minor efficiency gain.
parent 31b28238
* Copyright (C) 1999 Internet Software Consortium.
* Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
/* $Id: rbt.c,v 1.55 1999/08/26 07:14:25 halley Exp $ */
/* $Id: rbt.c,v 1.56 1999/09/23 17:53:03 tale Exp $ */
/* Principal Authors: DCL */
......@@ -372,7 +372,7 @@ dns_rbt_addnode(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name, dns_rbtnode_t **nodep) {
add_name = dns_fixedname_name(&fixedcopy);
dns_name_concatenate(name, NULL, add_name, NULL);
dns_name_clone(name, add_name);
if (rbt->root == NULL) {
result = create_node(rbt->mctx, add_name, &new_current);
......@@ -703,13 +703,10 @@ dns_rbt_findnode(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name, dns_name_t *foundname,
dns_rbtnode_t *current;
dns_rbtnodechain_t localchain;
dns_name_t *search_name, current_name, *callback_name, tmp_name;
dns_offsets_t tmp_offsets;
dns_fixedname_t fixedcallbackname;
dns_name_t *search_name, current_name, *callback_name;
dns_fixedname_t fixedcallbackname, fixedsearchname;
dns_namereln_t compared;
dns_result_t result, saved_result;
isc_buffer_t buffer;
unsigned char data[255];
unsigned int common_labels, common_bits;
int order;
......@@ -733,15 +730,13 @@ dns_rbt_findnode(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name, dns_name_t *foundname,
* search_name is the name segment being sought in each tree level.
* Ensure that it has offsets by making a copy into a structure
* that has offsets. Since weird juju happens when splitting bitstring
* labels, a buffer is provided for the bitfiddling to use; however,
* the input name's data is used to avoid unnecessary copying.
* By using a fixedname, the search_name will definitely have offsets
* and a buffer for use by any splitting that happens in the middle
* of a bitstring label. By using dns_name_clone, no name data is
* copied unless a bitstring split occurs.
search_name = &tmp_name;
dns_name_init(search_name, tmp_offsets);
isc_buffer_init(&buffer, data, 255, ISC_BUFFERTYPE_BINARY);
dns_name_setbuffer(search_name, &buffer);
search_name = dns_fixedname_name(&fixedsearchname);
dns_name_clone(name, search_name);
dns_name_init(&current_name, NULL);
......@@ -1263,7 +1258,7 @@ join_nodes(dns_rbt_t *rbt,
dns_result_t result;
dns_fixedname_t fixed_newname;
dns_name_t *newname, prefix, suffix;
int newlength, oldlength;
unsigned int newlength, oldlength;
REQUIRE(node != NULL);
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