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Make root hints consistent with authoritative data

The ns2 named instance in the "staticstub" system test is configured
with a single root hint commonly used in BIND system tests
(a.root-servers.nil with an address of, which is inconsistent
with authoritative data served by ns1.  This may cause intermittent
resolution failures, triggering false positives for the "staticstub"
system test.  Prevent this from happening by making ns1 serve data
corresponding to the contents of bin/tests/system/common/root.hint.

(cherry picked from commit 4b5e1da0)
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......@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@
; information regarding copyright ownership.
$TTL 120
@ SOA ns.utld hostmaster.ns.utld ( 46 3600 1200 604800 60 )
@ NS ns.utld
ns.utld A
; NS example.
@ SOA a.root-servers.nil. 1 600 600 1200 600
@ NS a.root-servers.nil.
a.root-servers.nil. A NS example. A A
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