Commit e287f841 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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mark branches as closed

parent 361a71b7
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ bind9-gss-tsig new
bind9-gsstsig new
compiled_zonefile open (wire format zone file, under development)
da new
delegation_only new
delegation_only closed
dlz new
ds new
ds13 new
......@@ -288,33 +288,33 @@ rt9997a new
rt9998 new
skan new
skan-metazones1 new
skan-tcr new
skan-typecode-roll new
skan-typecode-roll2 new
skan-tcr closed
skan-typecode-roll closed
skan-typecode-roll2 closed
skan_implicit_update1 new
skan_stats1 new
stats_lidl new
v6source new
v9_0 new
v9_1 new
v9_0 closed
v9_1 active (security fixes only)
v9_1_1_base new
v9_1_1_patch new
v9_1_3_delegation_only new
v9_1_3_delegation_only closed
v9_1_3_do_base new
v9_1_4_base new
v9_2 new
v9_2 active
v9_2_0_patch new
v9_2_2_delegation_only new
v9_2_2base new
v9_2_4base new
v9_3 new
v9_3 active
v9_3_0base new
v9_3_0beta2_dlv new
v9_4 new
ws20030120 new
ws20030120_tcr new
ws20030312_optin new
ws20030312_tcr new
v9_4 active
ws20030120 closed (workshop branch)
ws20030120_tcr closed (workshop branch)
ws20030312_optin closed (workshop branch)
ws20030312_tcr closed (workshop branch)
a6_remove closed
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