Commit e582d085 authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý
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Fix InterlockedCompareExchange64Acquire -> InterlockedCompareExchangeAcquire64 and variants

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......@@ -205,13 +205,13 @@ atomic_compare_exchange_strong_explicit64(atomic_int_fast64_t *obj,
REQUIRE(succ == fail);
switch (succ) {
case memory_order_relaxed:
__v = InterlockedCompareExchange64NoFence((atomic_int_fast64_t *)obj, desired, *expected);
__v = InterlockedCompareExchangeNoFence64((atomic_int_fast64_t *)obj, desired, *expected);
case memory_order_acquire:
__v = InterlockedCompareExchange64Acquire((atomic_int_fast64_t *)obj, desired, *expected);
__v = InterlockedCompareExchangeAcquire64((atomic_int_fast64_t *)obj, desired, *expected);
case memory_order_release:
__v = InterlockedCompareExchange64Release((atomic_int_fast64_t *)obj, desired, *expected);
__v = InterlockedCompareExchangeRelease64((atomic_int_fast64_t *)obj, desired, *expected);
__v = InterlockedCompareExchange64((atomic_int_fast64_t *)obj, desired, *expected);
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