Commit e64e605e authored by Bob Halley's avatar Bob Halley
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bind_rdataset() was not setting the trust field

parent 0da4fbb8
......@@ -1113,6 +1113,7 @@ bind_rdataset(dns_rbtdb_t *rbtdb, dns_rbtnode_t *node,
rdataset->type = RBTDB_RDATATYPE_BASE(header->type);
rdataset->covers = RBTDB_RDATATYPE_EXT(header->type);
rdataset->ttl = header->ttl - now;
rdataset->trust = header->trust;
rdataset->private1 = rbtdb;
rdataset->private2 = node;
raw = (unsigned char *)header + sizeof *header;
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