Commit ea96c33a authored by Andreas Gustafsson's avatar Andreas Gustafsson
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call dns_zone_setview() once and for all when creating a zone;

do not call it again when reconfiguring
parent a2fad0f3
......@@ -543,6 +543,9 @@ create_version_view(dns_c_ctx_t *cctx, dns_zonemgr_t *zmgr, dns_view_t **viewp)
REQUIRE(viewp != NULL && *viewp == NULL);
CHECK(dns_view_create(ns_g_mctx, dns_rdataclass_ch, "_version",
dns_diff_init(ns_g_mctx, &diff);
dns_name_init(&origin, NULL);
......@@ -565,6 +568,8 @@ create_version_view(dns_c_ctx_t *cctx, dns_zonemgr_t *zmgr, dns_view_t **viewp)
CHECK(dns_zone_create(&zone, ns_g_mctx));
CHECK(dns_zone_setorigin(zone, &origin));
dns_zone_setview(zone, view);
CHECK(dns_zonemgr_managezone(zmgr, zone));
CHECK(dns_db_create(ns_g_mctx, "rbt", &origin, ISC_FALSE,
......@@ -579,9 +584,6 @@ create_version_view(dns_c_ctx_t *cctx, dns_zonemgr_t *zmgr, dns_view_t **viewp)
dns_db_closeversion(db, &dbver, ISC_TRUE);
CHECK(dns_view_create(ns_g_mctx, dns_rdataclass_ch, "_version",
CHECK(dns_zone_replacedb(zone, db, ISC_FALSE));
CHECK(dns_view_addzone(view, zone));
......@@ -825,6 +827,7 @@ configure_zone(dns_c_ctx_t *cctx, dns_c_zone_t *czone, dns_c_view_t *cview,
if (zone == NULL) {
CHECK(dns_zone_create(&zone, lctx->mctx));
CHECK(dns_zone_setorigin(zone, origin));
dns_zone_setview(zone, view);
......@@ -524,7 +524,6 @@ dns_view_addzone(dns_view_t *view, dns_zone_t *zone) {
result = dns_zt_mount(view->zonetable, zone);
dns_zone_setview(zone, view);
return (result);
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