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Merge branch '1315-yaml-is-not-listed-in-the-man-page-or-the-h-listing-for-either-dig-or-delv' into 'master'

Resolve "+yaml is not listed in the man page or the -h listing for either dig or delv"

Closes #1315

See merge request !2560
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......@@ -196,7 +196,8 @@ usage(void) {
" +[no]trust (Control display of trust level)\n"
" +[no]unknownformat (Print RDATA in RFC 3597 "
"\"unknown\" format)\n"
" +[no]vtrace (Trace validation process)\n",
" +[no]vtrace (Trace validation process)\n"
" +[no]yaml (Present the results as YAML)\n",
......@@ -239,6 +239,7 @@ help(void) {
" +[no]unknownformat (Print RDATA in RFC 3597 \"unknown\" "
" +[no]vc (TCP mode (+[no]tcp))\n"
" +[no]yaml (Present the results as YAML)\n"
" +[no]zflag (Set Z flag in query)\n"
" global d-opts and servers (before host name) affect all queries.\n"
" local d-opts and servers (after host name) affect only that lookup.\n"
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