Commit ed0e8370 authored by Jeremy Reed's avatar Jeremy Reed
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Fix example output and tables that disappear into right margin in

section The query-errors Category on PDF page 44.

For example output added newlines and replaced <computeroutput>
with <programlisting>.

For query-errors table, used hardcoded column widths as used
elsewhere in the ARM.

This is a continuation of CHANGE 2600 [RT #19574].
parent 6c3c79e4
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
<!-- File: $Id: Bv9ARM-book.xml,v 1.408 2009/05/14 20:24:14 jreed Exp $ -->
<!-- File: $Id: Bv9ARM-book.xml,v 1.409 2009/05/14 20:46:04 jreed Exp $ -->
<book xmlns:xi="">
<title>BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual</title>
......@@ -4488,7 +4488,13 @@ category notify { null; };
The log message will look like as follows:
<computeroutput>fetch completed at resolver.c:2970 for in 30.000183: timed out/success [,referral:2,restart:7,qrysent:8,timeout:5,lame:0,neterr:0,badresp:1,adberr:0,findfail:0,valfail:0]</computeroutput>
<!-- NOTE: newlines and some spaces added so this would fit on page -->
fetch completed at resolver.c:2970 for
in 30.000183: timed out/success [,
The first part before the colon shows that a recursive
......@@ -4520,8 +4526,8 @@ category notify { null; };
<informaltable colsep="0" rowsep="0">
<tgroup cols="2" colsep="0" rowsep="0" tgroupstyle="4Level-table">
<colspec colname="1" colnum="1" colsep="0" />
<colspec colname="2" colnum="2" colsep="0" />
<colspec colname="1" colnum="1" colsep="0" colwidth="1.150in"/>
<colspec colname="2" colnum="2" colsep="0" colwidth="3.350in"/>
<row rowsep="0">
<entry colname="1">
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