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......@@ -1193,7 +1193,7 @@
<code class="option">info</code> | <code class="option">debug</code> [ <em class="replaceable"><code>level</code></em> ] | <code class="option">dynamic</code> ); ]
[ <span class="command"><strong>print-category</strong></span> <code class="option">yes</code> or <code class="option">no</code>; ]
[ <span class="command"><strong>print-severity</strong></span> <code class="option">yes</code> or <code class="option">no</code>; ]
[ <span class="command"><strong>print-time</strong></span> <code class="option">yes</code> or <code class="option">no</code>; ]
[ <span class="command"><strong>print-time</strong></span> ( <code class="option">&gt;yes</code> | <code class="option">no</code> | <code class="option">local</code> | <code class="option">iso8601</code> | <code class="option">iso8601-utc</code> ) ;
[ <span class="command"><strong>buffered</strong></span> <code class="option">yes</code> or <code class="option">no</code>; ]
}; ]
[ <span class="command"><strong>category</strong></span> <em class="replaceable"><code>category_name</code></em> {
......@@ -1409,14 +1409,30 @@ notrace</strong></span>. All debugging messages in the server have a debug
server's global debug level to determine what messages to print.
If <span class="command"><strong>print-time</strong></span> has been turned on,
the date and time will be logged. <span class="command"><strong>print-time</strong></span> may
<span class="command"><strong>print-time</strong></span> can be set to
<strong class="userinput"><code>yes</code></strong>, <strong class="userinput"><code>no</code></strong>,
or a time format specifier, which may be one of
<code class="option">local</code>, <code class="option">iso8601</code> or
<code class="option">iso8601-utc</code>. If set to
<strong class="userinput"><code>no</code></strong>, then the date and time will
not be logged. If set to <strong class="userinput"><code>yes</code></strong>
or <code class="option">local</code>, the date and time are logged
in a human readable format, using the local time zone.
If set to <code class="option">iso8601</code> the local time is
logged in ISO8601 format. If set to
<code class="option">iso8601-utc</code>, then the date and time
are logged in ISO8601 format, with time zone set to
UTC. The default is <code class="option">local</code>.
<span class="command"><strong>print-time</strong></span> may
be specified for a <span class="command"><strong>syslog</strong></span> channel,
but is usually
but it is usually
pointless since <span class="command"><strong>syslog</strong></span> also logs
the date and
time. If <span class="command"><strong>print-category</strong></span> is
the date and time.
If <span class="command"><strong>print-category</strong></span> is
requested, then the
category of the message will be logged as well. Finally, if <span class="command"><strong>print-severity</strong></span> is
on, then the severity level of the message will be logged. The <span class="command"><strong>print-</strong></span> options may
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......@@ -245,7 +245,6 @@
<dt><span class="section"><a href="Bv9ARM.ch09.html#relnotes_intro">Introduction</a></span></dt>
<dt><span class="section"><a href="Bv9ARM.ch09.html#relnotes_download">Download</a></span></dt>
<dt><span class="section"><a href="Bv9ARM.ch09.html#relnotes_license">License Change</a></span></dt>
<dt><span class="section"><a href="Bv9ARM.ch09.html#relnotes_security">Security Fixes</a></span></dt>
<dt><span class="section"><a href="Bv9ARM.ch09.html#relnotes_features">New Features</a></span></dt>
<dt><span class="section"><a href="Bv9ARM.ch09.html#relnotes_changes">Feature Changes</a></span></dt>
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......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ logging {
print-category <boolean>;
print-severity <boolean>;
print-time <boolean>;
print-time ( local | iso8601 | iso8601-utc | <boolean> );
severity <log_severity>;
syslog [ <syslog_facility> ];
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