Commit ef1da873 authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień
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Remove dead code handling address family mismatches for TCP sockets

Before commit c2ec022f, using the "-b"
command line switch for dig did not disable use of the other address
family than the one to which the address supplied to that option
belonged to.  Thus, bind9_getaddresses() could e.g. prepare an
isc_sockaddr_t structure for an IPv6 address when an IPv4 address has
been passed to the "-b" command line option.  To avoid attempting the
impossible (e.g. querying an IPv6 address from a socket bound to an IPv4
address), a certain code block in send_tcp_connect() checked whether the
address family of the server to be queried was the same as the address
family of the socket set up for sending that query; if there was a
mismatch, that particular server address was skipped.

Commit c2ec022f made
bind9_getaddresses() fail upon an address family mismatch between the
address the hostname passed to it resolved to and the address supplied
to the "-b" command line option.  Such failures were fatal to dig back

Commit 7f658603 made
bind9_getaddresses() failures non-fatal, but also ensured that a
get_address() failure in send_tcp_connect() still causes the given query
address to be skipped (and also made such failures trigger an early
return from send_tcp_connect()).

Summing up, the code block handling address family mismatches in
send_tcp_connect() has been redundant since commit
c2ec022f.  Remove it.
parent dca16524
......@@ -2730,27 +2730,6 @@ send_tcp_connect(dig_query_t *query) {
if (specified_source &&
(isc_sockaddr_pf(&query->sockaddr) !=
isc_sockaddr_pf(&bind_address))) {
printf(";; Skipping server %s, incompatible "
"address family\n", query->servname);
query->waiting_connect = false;
if (ISC_LINK_LINKED(query, link))
next = ISC_LIST_NEXT(query, link);
next = NULL;
l = query->lookup;
if (next == NULL) {
printf(";; No acceptable nameservers\n");
INSIST(query->sock == NULL);
if (keep != NULL && isc_sockaddr_equal(&keepaddr, &query->sockaddr)) {
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