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[master] change hash function for RRL

4709.	[cleanup]	Use dns_name_fullhash() to hash names for RRL.
			[RT #45435]
parent 8eb88aaf
4709. [cleanup] Use dns_name_fullhash() to hash names for RRL.
[RT #45435]
4708. [cleanup] Legacy Windows builds (i.e. for XP and earlier)
are no longer supported. [RT #45186]
......@@ -353,7 +353,11 @@ unsigned int
dns_name_hashbylabel(const dns_name_t *name, isc_boolean_t case_sensitive);
* Provide a hash value for 'name', where the hash value is the sum
* of the hash values of each label.
* of the hash values of each label. This function should only be used
* when incremental hashing is necessary, for example, during RBT
* traversal. It is not currently used in BIND. Generally,
* dns_name_fullhash() is the correct function to use for name
* hashing.
* Note: if 'case_sensitive' is ISC_FALSE, then names which differ only in
* case will have the same hash value.
......@@ -417,11 +417,11 @@ make_key(const dns_rrl_t *rrl, dns_rrl_key_t *key,
dns_name_init(&base, base_offsets);
dns_name_getlabelsequence(qname, 1, labels-1, &base);
key->s.qname_hash = dns_name_hashbylabel(&base,
key->s.qname_hash =
dns_name_fullhash(&base, ISC_FALSE);
} else {
key->s.qname_hash = dns_name_hashbylabel(qname,
key->s.qname_hash =
dns_name_fullhash(qname, ISC_FALSE);
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