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Update release checklist

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- [ ] ***(SwEng)*** Push tags for the published releases to the public repository.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** For each maintained branch, update the `BIND_BASELINE_VERSION` variable for the `abi-check` job in `.gitlab-ci.yml` to the latest published BIND version tag for a given branch.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Prepare empty release notes for the next set of releases.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Sanitize all confidential issues assigned to the release milestone and make them public.
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Update QA tools used in GitLab CI (e.g. Flake8, PyLint) by modifying the relevant `Dockerfile`.
[^1]: If not, use the time remaining until the tagging deadline to ensure all outstanding issues are either resolved or moved to a different milestone.
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