Commit f68d4cba authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews Committed by Michał Kępień
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Check SOA owner names in zone transfers

An IXFR containing SOA records with owner names different than the
transferred zone's origin can result in named serving a version of that
zone without an SOA record at the apex.  This causes a RUNTIME_CHECK
assertion failure the next time such a zone is refreshed.  Fix by
immediately rejecting a zone transfer (either an incremental or
non-incremental one) upon detecting an SOA record not placed at the apex
of the transferred zone.
parent b3bebad2
...@@ -498,6 +498,20 @@ xfr_rr(dns_xfrin_ctx_t *xfr, dns_name_t *name, uint32_t ttl, ...@@ -498,6 +498,20 @@ xfr_rr(dns_xfrin_ctx_t *xfr, dns_name_t *name, uint32_t ttl,
} }
* Immediately reject the entire transfer if the RR that is currently
* being processed is an SOA record that is not placed at the zone
* apex.
if (rdata->type == dns_rdatatype_soa &&
!dns_name_equal(&xfr->name, name)) {
char namebuf[DNS_NAME_FORMATSIZE];
dns_name_format(name, namebuf, sizeof(namebuf));
xfrin_log(xfr, ISC_LOG_DEBUG(3), "SOA name mismatch: '%s'",
redo: redo:
switch (xfr->state) { switch (xfr->state) {
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