Commit f6d0284e authored by Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt
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[master] fix memory leak

parent e69790ac
......@@ -6935,14 +6935,15 @@ log_nsid(isc_buffer_t *opt, size_t nsid_len, resquery_t *query,
static const char hex[17] = "0123456789abcdef";
isc_uint16_t buflen, i;
unsigned char *p, *buf, *pbuf, *nsid;
unsigned char *p, *nsid;
unsigned char *buf = NULL, *pbuf = NULL;
/* Allocate buffer for storing hex version of the NSID */
buflen = (isc_uint16_t)nsid_len * 2 + 1;
buf = isc_mem_get(mctx, buflen);
if (buf == NULL)
pbuf = isc_mem_get(mctx, nsid_len);
goto cleanup;
pbuf = isc_mem_get(mctx, nsid_len + 1);
if (pbuf == NULL)
goto cleanup;
......@@ -6971,7 +6972,10 @@ log_nsid(isc_buffer_t *opt, size_t nsid_len, resquery_t *query,
"received NSID %s (\"%s\") from %s", buf, pbuf, addrbuf);
isc_mem_put(mctx, buf, buflen);
if (pbuf != NULL)
isc_mem_put(mctx, pbuf, nsid_len + 1);
if (buf != NULL)
isc_mem_put(mctx, buf, buflen);
static isc_boolean_t
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