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document 'masterfile-format map' vs 'vm.max_map_count'

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......@@ -6478,6 +6478,11 @@ some cases to convert ``map`` files to ``text`` format using
``named-compilezone`` before an upgrade, then back to ``map`` format with
the new version of ``named-compilezone`` afterward.)
The use of ``map`` format may also be limited by operating system
mmap(2) limits like ``sysctl vm.max_map_count``. For Linux, this
defaults to 65536, which limits the number of mapped zones that can
be used without increasing ``vm.max_map_count``.
``raw`` format uses network byte order and avoids architecture-
dependent data alignment so that it is as portable as possible, but it is
still primarily expected to be used inside the same single system. To
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