Commit f814343d authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews

add dnstap to help. [RT #42928]

parent 8a98ea9e
......@@ -98,6 +98,10 @@ command is one of the following:\n\
Add zone to given view. Requires allow-new-zones option.\n\
delzone [-clean] zone [class [view]]\n\
Removes zone from given view.\n\
dnstap -reopen\n\
Close and re-open the DNSTAP output file.\n\
dnstap -roll count\n\
Close, rename and re-open the DNSTAP output file(s).\n\
dumpdb [-all|-cache|-zones|-adb|-bad|-fail] [view ...]\n\
Dump cache(s) to the dump file (named_dump.db).\n\
flush Flushes all of the server's caches.\n\
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