Commit f82d52e8 authored by Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt

2759. [doc] Add information about .jbk/.jnw files to

			the ARM. [RT #20303]
parent 5857247d
2759. [doc] Add information about .jbk/.jnw files to
the ARM. [RT #20303]
2758. [bug] win32: Added a workaround for a windows 2008 bug
that could cause the UDP client handler to shut
down. [RT #19176]
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
<!-- File: $Id: Bv9ARM-book.xml,v 1.444 2009/11/06 18:54:48 each Exp $ -->
<!-- File: $Id: Bv9ARM-book.xml,v 1.445 2009/11/10 19:49:32 each Exp $ -->
<book xmlns:xi="">
<title>BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual</title>
......@@ -1727,6 +1727,11 @@ controls {
each dynamic update, because that would be too slow when a large
zone is updated frequently. Instead, the dump is delayed by
up to 15 minutes, allowing additional updates to take place.
During the dump process, transient files will be created
with the extensions <filename>.jnw</filename> and
<filename>.jbk</filename>; under ordinary circumstances, these
will be removed when the dump is complete, and can be safely
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