Commit f8b167ff authored by James Brister's avatar James Brister
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SUe strgings instead of dns_c_category_t.

Removed dns_c_logginglist_catbytype().
parent c0d8bb42
......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ struct dns_c_logcat
isc_uint32_t magic;
isc_mem_t *mem;
dns_c_category_t category;
char *catname;
char **channel_names;
size_t cnames_len; /* size, in elements of
......@@ -180,10 +180,6 @@ isc_result_t dns_c_logginglist_chanbyname(dns_c_logginglist_t *list,
isc_result_t dns_c_logginglist_catbyname(dns_c_logginglist_t *list,
const char *name,
dns_c_logcat_t **cat);
isc_result_t dns_c_logginglist_catbytype(dns_c_logginglist_t *list,
dns_c_category_t cattype,
dns_c_logcat_t **cat);
isc_result_t dns_c_logchan_new(isc_mem_t *mem, const char *name,
dns_c_logchantype_t ctype,
......@@ -243,7 +239,7 @@ isc_result_t dns_c_logchan_getpredef(dns_c_logchan_t *channel,
* Logging category
isc_result_t dns_c_logcat_new(isc_mem_t *mem, dns_c_category_t cat,
isc_result_t dns_c_logcat_new(isc_mem_t *mem, const char *name,
dns_c_logcat_t **newlc);
isc_result_t dns_c_logcat_delete(dns_c_logcat_t **logcat);
void dns_c_logcat_print(FILE *fp, int indent,
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