Commit fac49b7b authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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Merge branch '1210-address-potential-null-pointer-dereference-in-rpz-c' into 'master'

Resolve "Address potential NULL pointer dereference in rpz.c"

Closes #1210

See merge request !2308
parents 6639288d 924f9b9e
5289. [bug] Address NULL pointer dereference in rpz.c:rpz_detach.
[GL #1210]
5288. [bug] dnssec-must-be-secure was not always honoured.
[GL #1209]
......@@ -2126,7 +2126,7 @@ rpz_detach(dns_rpz_zone_t **rpzp) {
if (rpz->updaterunning) {
isc_task_purgeevent(rpz->rpzs->updater, &rpz->updateevent);
isc_task_purgeevent(rpzs->updater, &rpz->updateevent);
if (rpz->updbit != NULL) {
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