Commit fb123df2 authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień

Improve the "hint" variable comment

Replace an existing comment with a more verbose explanation of when the
"hint" variable is set in resquery_send() and how its value affects the
advertised UDP buffer size in outgoing queries.
parent d27f96cc
......@@ -2643,7 +2643,12 @@ resquery_send(resquery_t *query) {
* We have talked to this server before.
* This server timed out for the first time in this
* fetch context and we received a response from it
* before (either in this fetch context or in a
* different one). Set 'udpsize' to the size of the
* largest UDP response we have received from this
* server so far.
if (hint != 0U) {
udpsize = hint;
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