Commit fbc0e37e authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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3718. [bug] A missing ISC_LINK_INIT in log.c. [RT #35260]

parent 61932ed9
3718. [bug] A missing ISC_LINK_INIT in log.c. [RT #35260]
3717. [port] hpux: Treat EOPNOTSUPP as a expected error code when
probing to see if it is possible to set dscp values
on a per packet basis. [RT #35252]
......@@ -1633,6 +1633,7 @@ isc_log_doit(isc_log_t *lctx, isc_logcategory_t *category,
ISC_LINK_INIT(new, link);
new, link);
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