1. 30 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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  9. 30 Jul, 2020 2 commits
    • Michal Nowak's avatar
    • Michal Nowak's avatar
      Drop $SYSTEMTESTTOP from bin/tests/system/ · 093af1c0
      Michal Nowak authored
      The $SYSTEMTESTTOP shell variable if often set to .. in various shell
      scripts inside bin/tests/system/, but most of the time it is only
      used one line later, while sourcing conf.sh. This hardly improves
      code readability.
      $SYSTEMTESTTOP is also used for the purpose of referencing
      scripts/files living in bin/tests/system/, but given that the
      variable is always set to a short, relative path, we can drop it and
      replace all of its occurrences with the relative path without adversely
      affecting code readability.
  10. 01 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Evan Hunt's avatar
      further tidying of primary/secondary terminology in system tests · e43b3c1f
      Evan Hunt authored
      this changes most visble uses of master/slave terminology in tests.sh
      and most uses of 'type master' or 'type slave' in named.conf files.
      files in the checkconf test were not updated in order to confirm that
      the old syntax still works. rpzrecurse was also left mostly unchanged
      to avoid interference with DNSRPS.
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    • Ondřej Surý's avatar
      Complete rewrite the BIND 9 build system · 978c7b2e
      Ondřej Surý authored
      The rewrite of BIND 9 build system is a large work and cannot be reasonable
      split into separate merge requests.  Addition of the automake has a positive
      effect on the readability and maintainability of the build system as it is more
      declarative, it allows conditional and we are able to drop all of the custom
      make code that BIND 9 developed over the years to overcome the deficiencies of
      autoconf + custom Makefile.in files.
      This squashed commit contains following changes:
      - conversion (or rather fresh rewrite) of all Makefile.in files to Makefile.am
        by using automake
      - the libtool is now properly integrated with automake (the way we used it
        was rather hackish as the only official way how to use libtool is via
      - the dynamic module loading was rewritten from a custom patchwork to libtool's
        libltdl (which includes the patchwork to support module loading on different
        systems internally)
      - conversion of the unit test executor from kyua to automake ...
  16. 21 Feb, 2020 1 commit
  17. 07 Nov, 2019 1 commit
    • Evan Hunt's avatar
      adjust system tests to deal with possible timing issues · 24510a1f
      Evan Hunt authored
      With the netmgr in use, named may start answering queries before zones
      are loaded. This can cause transient failures in system tests after
      servers are restarted or reconfigured. This commit adds retry loops
      and sleep statements where needed to address this problem.
      Also incidentally silenced a clang warning.
  18. 23 Apr, 2019 2 commits
    • Michał Kępień's avatar
      Wait more than 1 second for NSEC3 chain changes · f8746cdd
      Michał Kępień authored
      One second may not be enough for an NSEC3 chain change triggered by an
      UPDATE message to complete.  Wait up to 10 seconds when checking whether
      a given NSEC3 chain change is complete in the "nsupdate" system test.
    • Michał Kępień's avatar
      Remove redundant sleeps · 1c8e5ea3
      Michał Kępień authored
      In the "nsupdate" system test, do not sleep before checking results of
      changes which are expected to be processed synchronously, i.e. before
      nsupdate returns.
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    • Evan Hunt's avatar
      clean up test output · 0e52fbd0
      Evan Hunt authored
      - removed a few remaing places where output wasn't being passed
        through echo_i or cat_i
      - added a "digcomp" function to conf.sh.in to send digcomp.pl output
        through cat_i and return the correct exit value
      - set SYSTESTDIR when calling echo_i from nsX directories, so that
        the test name will always be printed correctly
      - fixed a test name typo in conf.sh.in
  26. 26 Feb, 2018 1 commit
    • Michał Kępień's avatar
      Fix MX checks for dynamic updates · 857a40c8
      Michał Kępień authored
      The check_mx() function in lib/ns/update.c incorrectly tests whether the
      DNS_RDATA_CHECKMX/DNS_RDATA_CHECKMXFAIL flags are set for each applied
      MX record update as these flags are never set in code paths related to
      dynamic updates; they can only be set when loading a zone from a master
      This flaw allows MX records containing IP addresses to be added to a
      zone even when "check-mx fail;" is used.
      Ensure correct behavior by modifying the relevant tests in check_mx() so
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