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      update copyright notice · 26d8ffe7
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      regen · 0a7ed886
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      2636. [func] Simplify zone signing and key maintenance with the · 553ead32
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      			dnssec-* tools.  Major changes:
      			- all dnssec-* tools now take a -K option to
      			  specify a directory in which key files will be
      			- DNSSEC can now store metadata indicating when
      			  they are scheduled to be published, acttivated,
      			  revoked or removed; these values can be set by
      			  dnssec-keygen or overwritten by the new
      			  dnssec-settime command
      			- dnssec-signzone -S (for "smart") option reads key
      			  metadata and uses it to determine automatically
      			  which keys to publish to the zone, use for
      			  signing, revoke, or remove from the zone
      			[RT #19816]