1. 30 Aug, 2014 2 commits
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      update copyright notice · 3278ff81
      Tinderbox User authored
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      #include isc/print.h> · 25c5d8e8
      Mark Andrews authored
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      [master] add better servfail logging · f5c24a7f
      Evan Hunt authored
      3937.	[func]		Added some debug logging to better indicate the
      			conditions causing SERVFAILs when resolving.
      			[RT #35538]
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      [master] ECS authoritative support · d46855ca
      Evan Hunt authored
      3936.	[func]		Added authoritative support for the EDNS Client
      			Subnet (ECS) option.
      			ACLs can now include "ecs" elements which specify
      			an address or network prefix; if an ECS option is
      			included in a DNS query, then the address encoded
      			in the option will be matched against "ecs" ACL
      			Also, if an ECS address is included in a query,
      			then it will be used instead of the client source
      			address when matching "geoip" ACL elements.  This
      			behavior can be overridden with "geoip-use-ecs no;".
      			When "ecs" or "geoip" ACL elements are used to
      			select a view for a query, the response will include
      			an ECS option to indicate which client network the
      			answer is valid for.
      			(Thanks to Vincent Bernat.) [RT #36781]
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      [master] fix geoip asnum matching · 180319f5
      Evan Hunt authored
      3935.	[bug]		"geoip asnum" ACL elements would not match unless
      			the full organization name was specified.  They
      			can now match against the AS number alone (e.g.,
      			AS1234). [RT #36945]
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      spelling · 9ba4efa4
      Mark Andrews authored
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      3934. [bug] Catch bad 'sit-secret' in named-checkconf. Improve · 7c73ac5e
      Mark Andrews authored
                              sit-secrets documentation. [RT #36980]
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      update-copyrights · 05d81eae
      Mark Andrews authored
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