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      Test "make install" in one of the build jobs · 2a231b62
      Michał Kępień authored
      Running "make install" in a separate job in the "test" phase of a CI
      pipeline causes a lot of object files to be rebuilt due to the way
      artifacts are passed between GitLab CI jobs (object files extracted from
      the artifacts archive have older modification times than their
      respective source files checked out using Git by the worker running the
      "install" job).  Test "make install" in one of the build jobs instead,
      in order to prevent object rebuilding.
      Using 'after_script' for this purpose was not an option because its
      failures are ignored.
      Duplicating the build script in two places would be error-prone in the
      long run and thus was rejected as a solution.  YAML anchors would also
      not help in this case.
      A "positive" test (`test -n "${RUN_MAKE_INSTALL}" && make install`)
      would not work because:
        - it would cause the build script to fail for any job not supposed to
          run "make install",
        - appending `|| :` to the shell pipeline would prevent "make install"
          errors from causing a job failure.
      Due to the above, a "negative" test is performed, so that:
        - jobs not supposed to run "make install" succeed immediately,
        - jobs supposed to run "make install" only succeed when "make install"
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      Merge branch 'each-win-tests' into 'master' · 1557d116
      Evan Hunt authored
      tests failing on windows due to false crash-on-shutdown reports
      See merge request !1446
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