1. 05 Jun, 2019 2 commits
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      update documentation · 3853b3cf
      Evan Hunt authored
      - change references to trusted-keys to dnssec-keys with static-key
      - rebuild doc/misc/options and other generated grammar doc
      - add a "see MANAGED-KEYS" note when building named.conf.docbook
    • Tony Finch's avatar
      Remove `cleaning-interval` remnants. · a9dca583
      Tony Finch authored
      Since 2008, the cleaning-interval timer has been documented as
      "effectively obsolete" and disabled in the default configuration with
      a comment saying "now meaningless".
      This change deletes all the code that implements the cleaning-interval
      timer, except for the config parser in whcih it is now explicitly
      marked as obsolete.
      I have verified (using the deletelru and deletettl cache stats) that
      named still cleans the cache after this change.
  2. 31 May, 2019 3 commits
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  8. 25 Apr, 2019 3 commits
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      CHANGES, release note · 4551c58e
      Evan Hunt authored
      (cherry picked from commit 244e44af432121a05e0a308b7ccce96a8ecd28ab)
      (cherry picked from commit 79fad84b)
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      restore allowance for tcp-clients < interfaces · d809ec6c
      Evan Hunt authored
      in the "refactor tcpquota and pipeline refs" commit, the counting
      of active interfaces was tightened in such a way that named could
      fail to listen on an interface if there were more interfaces than
      tcp-clients. when checking the quota to start accepting on an
      interface, if the number of active clients was above zero, then
      it was presumed that some other client was able to handle accepting
      new connections. this, however, ignored the fact that the current client
      could be included in that count, so if the quota was already exceeded
      before all the interfaces were listening, some interfaces would never
      we now check whether the current client has been marked active; if so,
      then the number of active clients on the interface must be greater
      than 1, not 0.
      (cherry picked from commit 02365b87ea0b1ea5ea8b17376f6734c811c95e61)
      (cherry picked from commit cae79e1b)
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      CHANGES, release note · 38c29c1b
      Evan Hunt authored
      (cherry picked from commit ab5473007e91f011d003ff0ba5ab32fa0d56360c)
      (cherry picked from commit 404be595)
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  19. 20 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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      remove contrib/sdb · c79e2f12
      Evan Hunt authored
      removed the SDB databases in contrib/sdb as they hadn't been
      maintained in some time, and were no longer able to link to named
      without modification.  also:
      - cleaned up contrib/README, which still referred to contrib
        subdirectores that were removed already, and linked to an obsolete URL.
      - removed references to sdb in doc/misc/roadmap and doc/misc/sdb.
  20. 08 Feb, 2019 2 commits
  21. 06 Feb, 2019 2 commits
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      prep 9.13.6 · b4d3f782
      Tinderbox User authored
    • Michał Kępień's avatar
      Extend and refine mirror zone documentation · 141a60f3
      Michał Kępień authored
      Add a warning about potential performance implications of configuring a
      non-root zone as a mirror zone.  Explain in more detail how each mirror
      zone version is validated and how validation failures are handled.  Move
      the paragraphs describing how to set up IANA root zone mirroring higher
      up, so that they can be more easily found by the reader.  Explicitly
      state that the "masters" option needs to be present for any mirror zone
      which is not the root zone.  Tweak the description of the interaction
      between the "dnssec-validation" setting and root zone mirroring to make
      it less ambiguous.  Specify what the default "notify" setting is for
      mirror zones.
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