1. 12 Mar, 2001 1 commit
  2. 09 Jan, 2001 1 commit
  3. 13 Dec, 2000 1 commit
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      * Removed max-names (as well as DNS_R_ZONETOOLARGE, which was · 10e6498d
      David Lawrence authored
              never returned by any function and was presumably cruft
              related to max-names).
        * Made allow-notify part of the public source and documented it.
        * Made master server TSIG keys part of the public source and documented it.
        * Removed a define of DNS_OPT_NEWCODES supposedly used by GNS, with
              the approval of Mike.
        * Made DNS_ZONE_FORCELOAD flag, used by rndc reload, work in the
              public source.  After the NOMINUM_PUBLIC cleanup, I'll
              fix the rndc reload issues we've been discussing here at IETF.
      I left in NOMIMUM_PUBLIC around the forward-notify stuff, with the
      expectation that Michael will give the go-ahead next week to remove it.
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  5. 18 Nov, 2000 1 commit
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  8. 11 Oct, 2000 1 commit
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      Add support for proposed ZONE and VIEW opt attributes. These are currently · dc570b92
      Michael Sawyer authored
      hidden behind #ifdef's, since no OPT code number has yet to be assigned
      by the IANA.  They are also not quite complete in all regards; VIEW
      options are understood and ignored.  ZONE options are understood and
      acted upon, though some of the error cases aren't quite right.
      Remove doubled isc_mem_stats in dighost.c
      Update todo list.
      Change literal 255's to DNS_NAME_MAXWIRE in name.c