1. 12 Sep, 2008 5 commits
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      2441. [bug] isc_radix_insert() could copy radix tree nodes · 5ce9206e
      Evan Hunt authored
      			incompletely. [RT #18573]
      2440.   [bug]		named-checkconf used an incorrect test to determine
      			if an ACL was set to none.
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      newcopyrights · 5a0f94e5
      Automatic Updater authored
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      2438. [bug] Timeouts could be logged incorrectly under win32. · 691f1f77
      Mark Andrews authored
      2436.   [security]      win32: UDP client handler can be shutdown. [RT #18576]
      2434.   [bug]           Fixed a minor error-reporting bug in
      2432.   [bug]           More Windows socket handling improvements.  Stop
                              using I/O events and use IO Completion Ports
                              throughout.  Rewrite the receive path logic to make
                              it easier to support multiple simultaneous
                              requestrs in the future.  Add stricter consistency
                              checking as a compile-time option (define
                              ISC_SOCKET_CONSISTENCY_CHECKS; defaults to off).
      2420.   [bug]           Windows socket handling cleanup.  Let the io
                              completion event send out cancelled read/write
                              done events, which keeps us from writing to memeory
                              we no longer have ownership of.  Add debugging
                              socket_log() function.  Rework TCP socket handling
                              to not leak sockets.
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      regen · 94f69ca4
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