1. 19 Jun, 2020 4 commits
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      modify reference counting within netmgr · 5ea26ee1
      Evan Hunt authored
      - isc__nmhandle_get() now attaches to the sock in the nmhandle object.
        the caller is responsible for dereferencing the original socket
        pointer when necessary.
      - tcpdns listener sockets attach sock->outer to the outer tcp listener
        socket. tcpdns connected sockets attach sock->outerhandle to the handle
        for the tcp connected socket.
      - only listener sockets need to be attached/detached directly. connected
        sockets should only be accessed and reference-counted via their
        associated handles.
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      make isc_nmsocket_{attach,detach}{} functions private · 9e740cad
      Evan Hunt authored
      there is no need for a caller to reference-count socket objects.
      they need tto be able tto close listener sockets (i.e., those
      returned by isc_nm_listen{udp,tcp,tcpdns}), and an isc_nmsocket_close()
      function has been added for that. other sockets are only accessed via
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      Merge branch 'marka-placeholder' into 'main' · be032d64
      Mark Andrews authored
      placeholder for [GL #1955]
      See merge request !3720
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      placeholder for [GL #1955] · 642279dd
      Mark Andrews authored
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