1. 09 Apr, 1999 3 commits
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  3. 06 Apr, 1999 5 commits
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  5. 02 Apr, 1999 1 commit
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      When searching a cache db, we did not look for an NS record at the node, so we · 10e90595
      Bob Halley authored
      sometimes did not find the deepest zone cut.  E.g. If you look for A records at
      "com." then you should get a delegation for "com." and not one for ".".
      In the various rdataset find routines, we sometimes attempted to bind the
      rdataset even if the rdataset pointer was NULL.
      Remove inline from a few functions.  Add inline to a few others.
  6. 01 Apr, 1999 12 commits
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      Support for dns_db_find(). · 92b34d18
      Bob Halley authored
      Allow creation of a database with cache semantics.
      Allow search rdata type to be specified.
      Allow glue to be retrieved.
      Make output nicer looking by adding whitespace.
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      Implement zone and cache versions of dns_db_find(). · 1b90a27c
      Bob Halley authored
      Add incomplete and not-yet-working dbiterator implementation.
      Improve node reference count handling.
      Opening and closing the current version more than once was breaking
      due to incorrect garbage collection.
      Some rbtdb values had not been getting initialized.
      Improvements to add procedure.
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      remove unneeded include · 9e2fa382
      Bob Halley authored
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      add dns_db_find · ced54994
      Bob Halley authored
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      checkpoint · d176cbca
      Bob Halley authored
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      require non-NULL methods on accessors · 0180ccf7
      Bob Halley authored
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      add dns_rdataslab_merge · 5bfea18f
      Bob Halley authored
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      result types for database searches · e7b724c2
      Bob Halley authored
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      add author info · 6d356e35
      Bob Halley authored
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      Changes from Bob, best described in his own barely-edited words: · 5f50687f
      David Lawrence authored
        I added support for the full search algorithm to the RBT database
        code.  The database has some special needs in searching, in particular
        certain nodes need to be examined before the DOWN pointer is followed.
        I solved this problem by adding a 'callback' bit to the node structure.
        When findnode is called, the caller can supply a callback.  Before we go
        DOWN at a node, we call the callback if the callback bit is set at the
        node.  If the callback returns DNS_R_CONTINUE, we proceed.  Otherwise, we
        will stop right there and return what the caller said to return.  I
        added an 'empty_data_ok' flag to findnode as well, so that nodes with
        empty data can be made candidates for partial match status.
        I also wanted to make dns_rbtnodechain_t public, so that a chain could
        be allocated on the stack by the caller.  I added two routines,
        dns_rbtnodechain_init() and dns_rbtnodechain_reset() to work with them.
        The latter routine frees any dynamically allocated memory associated with
        the chain.  The chain structure now contains the memory context.  I also
        moved get_ancestor_mem() and put_ancestor_mem() up in the file, so that
        inlining could be more effective.
        In the nits department, you wrote
                        *node = result == DNS_R_SUCCESS ? current : NULL;
        In the future, please write this instead (the patch has this change in it):
                        if (result == DNS_R_SUCCESS)
                                *node = current;
                                *node = NULL;
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