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      Merge branch 'u/fanf2/compilezone-hang' into 'master' · c7907789
      Mark Andrews authored
      Fix hang in `named-compilezone | head`
      See merge request !2481
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      CHANGES · 548f29a4
      Tony Finch authored
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      Fix hang in `named-compilezone | head` · a87ccea0
      Tony Finch authored
      I was truncating zone files for experimental purposes when I found
      that `named-compilezone | head` got stuck. The full command line that
      exhibited the problem was:
      	dig axfr dotat.at |
      	named-compilezone -o /dev/stdout dotat.at /dev/stdin |
      This requires a large enough zone to exhibit the problem, more than
      about 70000 bytes of plain text output from named-compilezone.
      I was running the command on Debian Stretch amd64.
      This was puzzling since it looked like something was suppressing the
      SIGPIPE. I used `strace` to examine what was happening at the hang.
      The program was just calling write() a lot to print the zone file, and
      the last write() hanged until I sent it a SIGINT.
      During some discussion with friends, Ian Jackson guessed that opening
      /dev/stdout O_RDRW might be the problem, and after some tests we found
      that this does in fact suppress SIGPIPE.
      Since `named-compilezone` only needs to write to its output file, the
      fix is to omit the stdio "+" update flag.
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      Merge branch 'placeholder-tcp-highwater' into 'master' · 89ee56e1
      Ondřej Surý authored
      See merge request !2495
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      placeholder. · 47883196
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