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      [master] dnstap · b66b333f
      Evan Hunt authored
      4235.	[func]		Added support in named for "dnstap", a fast method of
      			capturing and logging DNS traffic, and a new command
      			"dnstap-read" to read a dnstap log file.  Use
      			"configure --enable-dnstap" to enable this
      			feature (note that this requires libprotobuf-c
      			and libfstrm). See the ARM for configuration details.
      			Thanks to Robert Edmonds of Farsight Security.
      			[RT #40211]
  6. 29 Sep, 2015 1 commit
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      [master] merge dyndb · a00f9e2f
      Evan Hunt authored
      4224.	[func]		Added support for "dyndb", a new interface for loading
      			zone data from an external database, developed by
      			Red Hat for the FreeIPA project.
      			DynDB drivers fully implement the BIND database
      			API, and are capable of significantly better
      			performance and functionality than DLZ drivers,
      			while taking advantage of advanced database
      			features not available in BIND such as multi-master
      			Thanks to Adam Tkac and Petr Spacek of Red Hat.
      			[RT #35271]
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      [master] servfail cache · a8783019
      Evan Hunt authored
      3943.	[func]		SERVFAIL responses can now be cached for a
      			limited time (configured by "servfail-ttl",
      			default 10 seconds, limit 30). This can reduce
      			the frequency of retries when an authoritative
      			server is known to be failing, e.g., due to
      			ongoing DNSSEC validation problems. [RT #21347]
  11. 30 May, 2014 1 commit
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      [master] rndc nta · 0cfb2473
      Evan Hunt authored
      3867.	[func]		"rndc nta" can now be used to set a temporary
      			negative trust anchor, which disables DNSSEC
      			validation below a specified name for a specified
      			period of time (not exceeding 24 hours).  This
      			can be used when validation for a domain is known
      			to be failing due to a configuration error on
      			the part of the domain owner rather than a
      			spoofing attack. [RT #29358]
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      [master] serial-update-method date; · 7318bbc2
      Evan Hunt authored
      3811.	[func]		"serial-update-method date;" sets serial number
      			on dynamic update to today's date in YYYYMMDDNN
      			format. (Thanks to Bradley Forschinger.) [RT #24903]
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      [master] add DSCP support · 67adc03e
      Evan Hunt authored
      3535.	[func]		Add support for setting Differentiated Services Code
      			Point (DSCP) values in named.  Most configuration
      			options which take a "port" option (e.g.,
      			listen-on, forwarders, also-notify, masters,
      			notify-source, etc) can now also take a "dscp"
      			option specifying a code point for use with
      			outgoing traffic, if supported by the underlying
      			OS. [RT #27596]
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      [master] multiple-dlz/dlz-nxdomain · 2b8bed66
      Evan Hunt authored
      3432.	[func]		Multiple DLZ databases can now be configured.
      			DLZ databases are searched in the order configured,
      			unless set to "search no", in which case a
      			zone can be configured to be retrieved from a
      			particular DLZ database by using a "dlz <name>"
      			option in the zone statement.  DLZ databases can
      			support type "master" and "redirect" zones.
      			[RT #27597]
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      update copyright notice · 8e6b386a
      Tinderbox User authored
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      merging fast format zone files · 7829fad4
      Curtis Blackburn authored
  23. 14 May, 2012 1 commit
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      merged filter-aaaa-on-v6 (ATT SoW) · d878b8d8
      Evan Hunt authored
      3327.	[func]		Added 'filter-aaaa-on-v6' option; this is similar
      			to 'filter-aaaa-on-v4' but applies to IPv6
      			connections.  (Use "configure --enable-filter-aaaa"
      			to enable this option.)  [RT #27308]
  24. 27 Apr, 2012 1 commit
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      create and use multiple fetch dispatches · 4e8fe357
      Evan Hunt authored
      Added API to create a set of UDP dispatches which can be shared
      round-robin style when making upstream queries for authoritative
      data; this should reduce lock contention in the query source
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      checkpoint: multiple-DLZ functionality · 95450171
      Evan Hunt authored
       - multiple DLZ's can be specified, including multiple DLZ's using
         the same driver; e.g., two different back-ends both loaded by the
         dlopen driver
       - new "search" option can be specified in a DLZ indicating whether
         this DLZ database should be searched for unknown zones.  The
         default is "yes".  If "no", then the zone can only be found by
         named if it's registered in the zone table, which happens if the
         zone is configured for dynamic updates, or if "dlz <dlzname>" is
         specified in the zone statement. (The latter functionality is
         incomplete in this commit).
  29. 08 Dec, 2011 1 commit
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      3241. [func] Extended the header of raw-format master files to · b4d8192d
      Evan Hunt authored
      			include the serial number of the zone from which
      			they were generated, if different (as in the case
      			of inline-signing zones).  This is to be used in
      			inline-signing zones, to track changes between the
      			unsigned and signed versions of the zone, which may
      			have different serial numbers.
      			(Note: raw zonefiles generated by this version of
      			BIND are no longer compatble with prior versions.
      			To generate a backward-compatible raw zonefile
      			using dnssec-signzone or named-compilezone, specify
      			output format "raw=0" instead of simply "raw".)
      			[RT #26587]
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