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      update copyright notice · cc4dd0d0
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      update · 30e78700
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      2937. [bug] Worked around an apparent race condition in over · 27fe1966
      Tatuya JINMEI 神明達哉 authored
      			memory conditions.  Without this fix a DNS cache DB or
      			ADB could incorrectly stay in an over memory state,
      			effectively refusing further caching, which
      			subsequently made a BIND 9 caching server unworkable.
      			This fix prevents this problem from happening by
      			polling the state of the memory context, rather than
      			making a copy of the state, which appeared to cause
      			a race.  This is a "workaround" in that it doesn't
      			solve the possible race per se, but several experiments
      			proved this change solves the symptom.  Also, the
      			polling overhead hasn't been reported to be an issue.
      			This bug should only affect a caching server that
      			specifies a finite max-cache-size.  It's also quite
      			likely that the bug happens only when enabling threads,
      			but it's not confirmed yet. [RT #21818]
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      update · fc7bf6dc
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      2936. [func] Improved configuration syntax and multiple-view · cfd26204
      Evan Hunt authored
      			support for addzone/delzone feature (see change
      			#2930).  Removed "new-zone-file" option, replaced
      			with "allow-new-zones (yes|no)".  The new-zone-file
      			for each view is now created automatically, with
      			a filename generated from a hash of the view name.
      			It is no longer necessary to "include" the
      			new-zone-file in named.conf; this happens
      			automatically.  Zones that were not added via
      			"rndc addzone" can no longer be removed with
      			"rndc delzone". [RT #19447]
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      update · 7d7cdece
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      trivial fix in comment · 26f55cbd
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      update · d8ba58b3
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