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      2636. [func] Simplify zone signing and key maintenance with the · 553ead32
      Evan Hunt authored
      			dnssec-* tools.  Major changes:
      			- all dnssec-* tools now take a -K option to
      			  specify a directory in which key files will be
      			- DNSSEC can now store metadata indicating when
      			  they are scheduled to be published, acttivated,
      			  revoked or removed; these values can be set by
      			  dnssec-keygen or overwritten by the new
      			  dnssec-settime command
      			- dnssec-signzone -S (for "smart") option reads key
      			  metadata and uses it to determine automatically
      			  which keys to publish to the zone, use for
      			  signing, revoke, or remove from the zone
      			[RT #19816]
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      State the default for zone-statistics (no). · e5af5f24
      Jeremy Reed authored
      Evi asked me:
      > what is the default value of the zone-statistics
      > option? its not listed in the ARM anywhere that i can find.
      Not adding a CHANGES entry number for this minor one sentence
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      2609. [func] Simplify the configuration of dynamic zones: · 351b6253
      Evan Hunt authored
      			- add ddns-confgen command to generate
      			  configuration text for named.conf
      			- add zone option "ddns-autoconf yes;", which
      			  causes named to generate a TSIG session key
      			  and allow updates to the zone using that key
      			- add '-l' (localhost) option to nsupdate, which
      			  causes nsupdate to connect to a locally-running
      			  named process using the session key generated
      			  by named
      			[RT #19284]
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      Fix example output and tables that disappear into right margin in · ed0e8370
      Jeremy Reed authored
      section The query-errors Category on PDF page 44.
      For example output added newlines and replaced <computeroutput>
      with <programlisting>.
      For query-errors table, used hardcoded column widths as used
      elsewhere in the ARM.
      This is a continuation of CHANGE 2600 [RT #19574].
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      2600. [doc] ARM: miscellaneous reformatting for different · 6c3c79e4
      Jeremy Reed authored
                             page widths. [RT #19574]
      Split comments to multiple lines or move comments to own lines for
      Some fixed width examples are too wide for my printed page, so fixed
      Splits many programlisting's to multiple lines.
      Some move comments to above and some merge some comments.
      Note that this patch covers configuration examples and also the "Grammar".
      Also while here fix docbook formatting for a Not Implemented
      check-names (but still that is too wide so I need to change).  And
      also the patch changes a couple tabs to spaces. And changed case of
      example comments to be consistent with previous lines.
      There shouldn't be any content changes here.
      This doesn't complete this PR.
      Even this patch, the official ARM PDF has other text that disappears
      into the right margin. So still working on this.
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      2572. [func] Simplify DLV configuration, with a new option · 3a304939
      Evan Hunt authored
      			"dnssec-lookaside auto;"  This is the equivalent
      			of "dnssec-lookaside . trust-anchor dlv.isc.org;"
      			plus setting a trusted-key for dlv.isc.org.
      			Note: The trusted key is hard-coded into named,
      			but is also stored in (and can be overridden
      			by) $sysconfdir/bind.keys.  As the ISC DLV key
      			rolls over it can be kept up to date by replacing
      			the bind.keys file with a key downloaded from
      			https://www.isc.org/solutions/dlv. [RT #18685]
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      Say chapter instead of section when referring to chapter. · 522d25b2
      Jeremy Reed authored
      (No structure change here.)
      (Note that the "Organization of This Document" is somewhat wrong,
      but I am not fixing this yet as I have to consider my restructuring
      ideas for ARM first.)
    • Jeremy Reed's avatar
      Many minor changes: · 7a2c4df8
      Jeremy Reed authored
      Add formatting tags around syntax that was missing. Be consistent.
      Remove a few paragraph breaks before "For example:".
      Fix typo "will will".
      Change description of pid-file to not mislead (since other programs
      don't parse named.conf to figure out the PID file :)
      Remove some unneeded commas.
      Minor grammar fixes.
      Clarify edns-udp-size to say "... to control the size of packets received."
      Reformatted that paragragh too (in docbook, not rendered version.
      (TODO: cross-reference these descriptions.)
      Hyphenate "built-in" to be consistent.
      Remove space in "100000" (for style). (Some use space, period, comma
      for thousands.)
      Capitalize TTL in one place.
      Say that the -t option is "for named". (Reformat that paragraph in
      docbook while here.)
      named is in /usr/local/sbin not /usr/local/bin for example.
      BIND 8 is deprecated. Don't publicly say we do security-related patches
      for BIND 4 or BIND 8.
      (Note I have many, many more improvements to do. Trying to catch up on
      all my uncommitted fixes some dating back to 2007. Note I can't easily
      -- due to time -- commit all separately and then check to see if the
      apply to older ARMs and backport. If you think differently on how this
      should be approached or if you have time to backport some of these
      or want me to pick at least some to backport, please let me know.)
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